kp2cropBoat Specifications

  • Force 18 Powerboat with twin engines

Capacity: Maximum 6 persons just cruising, up to 4 persons for fishing charters (2-3 is ideal on a fishing charter for everyone to be comfortable)


Charter Opportunities

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  • Fishing Charters: Anywhere around Guam, depending on weather conditions and where the fish are biting. Special East Side fishing charters are available for those who wish to explore the sea less traveled. Gain hands on fishing knowledge & experience while learning about sea conditions and the nature of fish. Learn tips and tricks for efficient deep sea sport fishing. Or just watch Captain Ken demonstrate his skills and finesse! Depending on the catch, you may even get to take home some fresh fish for dinner!
  • spanish-bridgeHistorical Sightseeing: Experience the culture and history of Guam by sea! Get an up close and personal view of Magellan’s Landing in beautiful Umatac Bay or see the Spanish Bridge at Cella Bay. Visit Fouha Rock, which, according to Chamorro legend is said to be the creation point, where Fu’una and her brother Puntam created all life.
  • Cruising & Leisure: Enjoy the open waters, dolphin watching, touring the coasts and stopping where your heart desires to explore, comb the beautiful secluded southern beaches, and indulge in swimming and snorkling!              

Special Perks of the Bluebird

  • pagantrip007dolphinBeing a smaller boat, you can literally anchor right by the shore and walk up the beach if you desire. A great place to do this is Ceti Bay, offering a secluded shoreline lined by the jungle and boasting a river as well.  The Bluebird also has the advantage of being able to explore narrower passages and channels, allowing you to explore the harder-to-reach areas of the coastline.
  • Well suited and set up of serious fishing! Rods and reels, bait, lures, and a large cooler with ice, perfect for deep sea sport fishing (also referred to as trolling). Experience the intensity and excitement of catching a big Wahoo or Mahi!
  • Unique and flexible, you can create your own custom charter to include whatever activities you wish to pursue by sea!
  • Because it has a trailer, the Bluebird is able to anchor off pretty much anywhere on the island with a boat ramp! This offers flexibility in choosing a location that is most convenient for you.

Inclusive with all Charters 

  • Ice, drinks & snacks are provided, though if you have specific preferences, you are encouraged to bring some of your own favorites.
  • Alcohol is permitted, but not provided, and subject to regulation by Captain

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